Saṃsāra is an Indian craft gin that brings people together to celebrate the inherent human passion for self expression, curiosity and wanderlust. Thoughtfully crafted in a new age India, Saṃsāra bottles the “free spirit” and embodies the very essence of exploration.

Saṃsāra is distilled in a classic London Dry method using eleven handpicked botanicals that include hemp seeds, rose petals, vetiver grass, green cardamom and juniper berries. Saṃsāra is floral and citrusy with a subtle whisper of spicy earthiness - It's perfect for those free spirited days and curious nights.

From sourcing local botanicals to sourcing organic packaging material to running a women centric production facility, we strive to ensure everything we do for Saṃsāra is beneficial for the environment and the communities we serve. You can be rest assured that each bottle of Saṃsāra is crafted sustainably and responsibly.


Inspired by our land of Incredible India, we strive to bring the lesser known stories from our country to the world.