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Not so long ago, In a galaxy far far away, Lady Saṃsāra, the Empress of Exploration, fired up her cosmic charriot to embark on a voyage across the universe to find the elixir of life. As Lady Saṃsāra flew past the fanciest of space stations and explored the boldest of planets, she was drawn to the land of India by a rather curious symphony.


Enchanted by the mystical sounds and stories of India, Lady Saṃsāra wandered her way into a secret botanical garden on the coast of Goa. Eleven enchanting botanicals dazzled our Lady as an Indian Wizard carefully distilled them into the elixir of life.


s the botanicals unleashed their magic, Lady Saṃsāra danced to the memories of the inspiring days and curious nights. She soon realised her new quest for exploration was within.


Recently, our own late night adventures in Goa led us to the secret botanical garden. We used a little help from our Indian Wizard, a few scribbled notes and a shiny copper still to distill our version of “Saṃsāra” a contemporary Indian gin.


Lady Samsara, the Empress of Exploration, while on her quest through the Milky Way Galaxy, had distilled the Elixir of Life in a secret botanical garden on the coast of Goa, India. Sometime back, on our own late night adventures in Goa, we learnt about Lady Samsara’s Elixir of Life and as a tribute, created Samsara, our Contemporary Indian Gin.

Now, as legend would have it, Lady Samsara was last spotted flying out of Goa with the stock of her elixir secured and her next destination unknown!

It is said that as she flew over the magnificent desert of India, she was dazzled by the magical hues of pink sparkling from the land below. A pink so magical that as Lady Samsara descended from the skies, her Elixir of Life took on the color of the City of Pink!

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As Lady Samsara wrapped up her adventures in the City of Pink, she received an invitation from the Indian wizard to join a soirée in a Secret Orchard on the foothills of the Himalayas!


Trees laden with wonders of nature welcomed our Lady as she entered the Secret Orchard. As the soirée gathered some beat, Lady Samsara danced to tunes of the inspiring days and curious nights - Awe struck in a moment of inspiration, Lady Samsara foraged some wild fruits and infused them in her elixir of life! A few magical moments, another journey within and her elixir of life took on a whole new life...

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